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March 12th, 2014

What Counties in Ireland are Most Active on Twitter?

Louth, Waterford and Monaghan were found to be the most active counties on Twitter in The Republic of Ireland, surpassing activity in Dublin, Meath, Carlow, Cork and Wicklow.

To look more closely at how Ireland is using Twitter, Bank of Ireland commissioned digital agency Eightytwenty to conduct research on all Irish Tweets that included location information. The results showed a dramatic difference in regional distribution: the people of Louth are six times more active on Twitter than Longford.

Louth natives have been busy on Twitter topping the list by some distance with 6,688 tweets for every 1,000 people in the county followed by Waterford (5,096 tweets), Monaghan (4,530 tweets) and Dublin (4,461 tweets).

Six of the top 10 counties in the list are from the east of the country with the west and midlands showing the lowest Twitter activity. The counties with the least amount of Twitter activity are Cavan (2,077 tweets), Limerick (1,960 tweets), Kerry (1,924 tweets), Westmeath (1,903), Clare (1,706 tweets) and Longford (1,128 tweets).


Bank of Ireland has teamed up with Twitter to help SMEs grow their business. The Twitter Partnership Programme launched in November to help small to medium businesses with educational resources and opportunities to receive free Twitter ad credit. As part of this partnership we looked at what counties are most active on Twitter. If your county is busy on Twitter, perhaps it’s time you claim an @username to connect with consumers!

You can register for the Twitter Partnership by clicking here. Further information on how Twitter is used in Ireland can be found here.

Source: eightytwenty

The research examined all geo-tagged tweets in July 2013. Geo-tagged tweets carry information showing where they were tweeted from. In this study almost 5% of all tweets posted were geo-tagged.



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